Teen Kids News Online Reports

An afternoon of filming at North 40 Productions in Wenatchee, Wash.
An afternoon of filming at North 40 Productions in Wenatchee, Wash.

After becoming an Online Reporter for Teen Kids News in 2012, Bryce had the opportunity to report on a wide array of topics that sometimes were chosen and other times assigned. It was his responsibility to write the script, arrange the interviews and research, film the report, edit the footage, upload, and share it with TKN.

Note: These segments show a range of skill sets from the first time Bryce reported for TKN, up until his most recent report.

January 2011 contest submission.
In the first report for Teen Kids News, Bryce toured the local newspaper printing company to see how business was going during the recession. This report earned second place in the national contest, which opened more opportunities with TKN. The segment helped Bryce realize the importance of quality equipment and gave him a foundation to work on. He felt exhilarated to have gotten this experience.

June 2012 official report.
During a visit to Arizona, Bryce toured Arizona State University and interviewed the Cronkite School’s Assistant Dean and News Director. This report not only taught the viewer, but it also gave him encouragement and a lesson to improve his skills as a young journalism student.

April 2014 official report.
In 2014, Bryce attended We Day Seattle for the second consecutive year, but this time with a twist. Teen Kids News applied for media credentials, which were granted and allowed him backstage. Bryce shot, edited, voiced, and researched this piece and experienced the real-life thrill of reporting with the stars.

August 2014 official report.
In the first series of reporting for TKN, Bryce researched odd jobs that require a college degree. In this first installment, he learned the importance of b-roll, designed all the graphics used, used the TKN television show’s official music, and obtained quality but fun interviews.

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